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Use AI as a grading companion to evaluate essays, CVs, business plans, and more - based on your own rubrics.

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Get a second opinion on student essay's, FRQs, assignments and more. Grade them in batches and download summaries.

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It isn't just us who love RubricPro. Here's what our customers have to say.

    • I've been using RubricPro for semester grading, and it's as accurate as it gets! The AI grading is spot on, and I always double-check as they suggest. Saves me hours each week!

      John Doe
      AI-generated Fan #1
    • RubricPro's commitment to privacy is unmatched. Knowing that our documents are deleted after grading gives us peace of mind. It's a game-changer for data-sensitive environments.

      Alice Johnson
      AI-generated Fan #2
    • We love how straightforward credits are with RubricPro. There’s no confusion— one credit per document makes it easy to manage our resources.

      Raj Patel
      AI-generated Fan #3
    • We had a glitch with document grading, and RubricPro didn't charge us a credit for that. Their error handling is truly customer-first!

      Emily Clark
      AI-generated Fan #4
    • It’s reassuring to know that our data isn't used to train models. RubricPro respects our privacy while providing an excellent service.

      Markus Wei
      AI-generated Fan #5
    • The enterprise plan for RubricPro was a breeze to set up. Their team was incredibly responsive and tailored everything to our company’s needs.

      Samantha Knox
      AI-generated Fan #6
    • Encouraging students to use AI to improve their work responsibly is a great educational tool. RubricPro helps us integrate technology ethically.

      Laura Beth
      AI-generated Fan #7
    • Using RubricPro to grade and rank resumes has streamlined our hiring process remarkably. It’s efficient and aligns perfectly with our recruitment criteria.

      Tom Hanson
      AI-generated Fan #8
    • I suggested a new feature, and RubricPro was all ears. They even rewarded our account with bonus credits after implementation!

      Nina Morales
      AI-generated Fan #9

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will get back to you.

    • Can AI grade effectively?

      Our tests with professionals on a variety of documents have shown that our AI is as effective as a human grader. However, we recommend you review the results to ensure accuracy.

    • Do you store my documents?

      We do not store any of your documents on our servers. After the grading process is complete, your documents are deleted. We only save your rubrics if you choose to save them.

    • What is a credit?

      One credit is equal to one graded document. Uploaded rubrics do not count towards your credit total.

    • What happens if there is an error in grading the document?

      If we detect a technical error in the grading process, we will not deduct a credit.

    • Do you train models on our data?

      We do not train models on your data. We use pre-trained models to grade your documents.

    • I would like to use your service for my company. Do you offer enterprise plans?

      Reach out to us with your request and we will set up a call to discuss your needs. We offer custom plans for companies of all sizes.

    • Students might use this to get AI to write their essays. How do you prevent this?

      Students nowadays already use AI for school assignments. We want to encourage students to improve their work based on the AI feedback, while following their school guidelines regarding AI in the classroom.

    • Do professionals really use this for hiring?

      With our service, you can quickly grade and rank resumes based on your criteria. If the rubric is detailed, you can use it to effectively compare candidates.

    • I have a feature request. How can I submit it?

      Send us an email at and we will review your request. We are always looking for ways to improve our service. If we implement your suggestions, we will grant your account bonus credits.